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[Kaleido Star] [Sora NaeginoXLeon Oswald] [Theme #25]

Fandom: Kaleido Star
Pairing: Sora Naegino/Leon Oswald
Title: Shine
Theme #25: Ice Skating
Author: royalbk
Rating: T with hints of M

"If you keep spinning in circling like that, you will loose your balance and fall."

"If you keep being so serious and forbidding, you'll get wrinkles before you're twenty-five." She laughed. "Lighten up and join me on the ice instead!"

"Everything in me rebels at the idea of mingling with so many people. I'd rather not." Leon retorted dryly, content to just drink his strong coffee and watch Sora as she spun and glided on the blue ice.

"Oh come on Leon," it was the sweetest and most pleading tone she could muster, "weren't you the one who promised to help me improve my skating skills?" She bypassed him once, twice, spun in a wide circle in front of him...hoping to gain his attention.

It was hard but she knew he valued perfection and she was far from attaining it still. Her skating activity was limited to only a few dangerous moves and some risque spins and twirls meant to impress the less knowledgeable on the subject.

"Please? I promise to get you one of the extra large mint-flavored ice-cream cones with extra chocolate sprinkles if you come and help me now."

Leon curled his upper lip in a manner that was entirely amused. "Do not insult me by insinuating that I would allow my date to pay for anything. Especially on my account. If I decide to come over there and offer my assistance, it will be because you show me something worthwhile to work with."

Worthwhile? Worthwhile! Did she really need to stand on the pinkie finger of her left hand to impress him? She'd thought that they'd gotten over these childish, prideful actions years ago. Wasn't the angel's act good enough for him? The Mystical Act?

"That better not have sounded the way I heard it from over here, Leon Oswald, or I'll make you swallow those words when we get home!"

On the other side of the separating half wall Leon dipped his head a fraction of an inch under the pretense of finishing the last remains of his bitter coffee. It was most satisfying to see that his stinging blow had hit its mark - her anger was rare and especially difficult to draw out. The way the cupid's bow that was her mouth curved downwards in a displeased frown, the subtle furrow of her eyebrows, the passive aggressive stance she took without even noticing...

Oh, victory was grand at times. He couldn't wait to let her know too.


Only later on, as he proved to her that staying mad at him was impossible - by locking them in the bedroom for the rest of the afternoon - would Sora realize the intention behind those words. And the tone that accompanied it.

"Really! After more than three years, you should know that I don't appreciate anyone mocking my skills. What are you trying to prove by upsetting me?"

The almost feline-like smile that darkened his eyes to a metallic grey, did nothing to soothe her wounded feelings. He crushed the plastic cup in his hand and threw it in the thrash can without missing a beat. "Showing you that I always win when it comes to our little bets."

It was the revelation waiting to happen.

Sora swallowed, feeling ill all of a sudden. He wasn't talking about that bet, was he?

"What bet?"

"That bet," he replied calmly, picking up her belongings and his with easy grace. "Shall we be going home now?"

Something dropped in her stomach and Sora wondered if it wasn't just sadistic anticipation of what he would do to her once they were home. The details were a little vague but...

"That bet didn't count! I wasn't thinking straight. It was your fault that I wasn't thinking straight and you know it!"

Leon smiled to himself - faintly but devious as far as she was concerned - and wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her out of the skating rink. She was right. It had been his fault.

"May I remind you that we shook hands on it? It was all about getting you to feel anger, and expressing it outwardly, without using any forceful means, accidental blunders or coarse words...and since you didn't think it possible for me to win, you left the prize to my choice."

That sounded bad. Very bad.

Had she still been drunk after Anna's party from the night before?

Sora laughed nervously, feeling tremors run through down her spine when he kissed her lips carelessly - fleetingly - and put her down on the ground. "Shall we?"

"You have five minutes."

"Generous today, aren't we?"

She almost had the feeling that he was purring with contentment beside her.

"For what I have planned for have no idea little kitten."


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